A professional publishing solution

We take pride in being the most professional and most affordable solution online. We have no visible branding and no super-expensive plans. We aim to bring professional online publishing to everyone.

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  • Great experience on any screen size
  • Zoom option for increased readability
  • Supports books with over 100 pages
  • Website embeds are fully responsive
  • Includes a full-screen reader
  • Supports custom analytics events
  • Based on open-source software
  • Trusted by over 50 companies

Interactive areas

After you upload your PDF, you can easily add shopping links, video links or a clickable table of contents to your magazine, flyer or book. Just draw them over your page in our simple online editor.

Your own domain

Your publications belong to you. They should be fully white-labelled and should presented on your own domain. We use a subdomain for this. How about publications.yourdomain.com?


Keep your publications well-organized by using folders. Separate your promotional magazines from your annual reports. It makes everything easy to find and serves as a great archive. Check out an example.


We value privacy. We collect NO data from your visitors. If you want to collect data, you can add your own custom analytics. We will make sure your magazine stays GDPR-compliant.

Sell memberships

Monetize your content by selling passwords. Restrict access to your content with a username and password and differentiate between paid and free material.

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